Today’s Photos

I was working on a print project today that I decided to use for today’s post.  The two images below are of subject matter from two very different periods in time but share some commonality in style and culture of origin.   The first is a an architectural detail simulating a Corinthian style column in wood trim from an 18th Century colonial mansion in New Jersey. The second is of course the famous “Winged Victory of Samothrace”. I photographed it  in 2005 in Paris at the Louvre.  It’s origin goes back to the 2nd Century B.C.  Both are Grecian in style. I converted both images to greyscale and used an “antique” preset to add the toning and edge fade.  We’re getting close to agreeing on black frames and mats and when we do we will add these to what is rapidly becoming a photo wall in our family room.


Corinthian Detail

Winged Victory


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