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Today’s Photo

'55 Chevy (4EVR)

I passed through Berkeley Heights on my way home this morning and caught a flash of orange and a very familiar auto profile on my right. I pulled into the gas station where it was parked to get a better look.  Although three model years younger than my own first “ride”, the ’55 shares some styling features with my 1958 BelAir  Hardtop in Tropic Turquoise. The more popular 1957 model had sweeping tail fins which were eliminated in the next model year to be more subdued along the lines of the ’55.  Back in the day it was not unusual for cars to make radical shifts in design from one year to the next.  As you can see, this vehicle is not exactly a “salon ready” classic.  The owner told me that everything under the sheetmetal has been replaced with high performance gear. He drives it everyday and said he has another at home that he uses for drag racing!




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