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2 Views, 1 Hibiscus

These shots both were taken of the same blossom with two different lenses.  In both cases the Canon 50D was tripod mounted and manually focused at the long end of each lens at f/11 and ISO800.  Late afternoon window light filtered by a beige cloth shade was the only illumination.  The top photo used the Canon EF 24-105L at 105 mm and the bottom used the Tamron 70-300 at 300mm. The difference in point of view resulted from moving the tripod back to accommodate the longer minimum focus distance of the Tamron lens.  I like them both.  What do you think?




3 Responses to “2 Views, 1 Hibiscus”

  1. Dale Harris

    Both great. I vote for #2 as my favorite angle.

    I have the “new” flu so no telling if I’ll ever get out of the house before 4th of July. Hope I didn’t give it to you at the grocery store!


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