Low Key Style

I’ve been following the work of Italian photographer Gianni Galassi for a couple of years now with an RSS feed to his blog Gianni Galassi Photographia.  If you follow the link you will see that his current work focuses on architectural abstracts mostly in black and white with swaths of vivid color accents.  In one of his recent posts, titled ExtraLight, he showed excerpts from his eBook of the same title that is made up of images he took in the early to mid 2000’s using a 6MP  Epson RD-1 digital rangefinder. I was awestruck! You can clearly see the linkages to his current work, but what got my attention was the inclusion of larger scale landscapes photographed in color using a low key lighting technique.  Since recent weather has been so dull and uninviting lately I scanned my library for images that might lend themselves to being styled in a similar fashion and one of those is below.  I like the result but I  obviously need to get off my butt and incorporate this vision at the point of capture with the right subject, lighting conditions and technique. Another reason to wish for a change in the weather.




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