Introducing Ed’s Photopia

You may have noticed some weird looking posts coming your way today. Don’t be alarmed. It was just me installing and testing new software to expand and enhance the blog formerly known as ‘Ed’s Photo Blog” that I know many of you rely on for your daily (more or less) photo fix.  New name (Photopia), new platform (“Photography” from The Theme Foundry) and hopefully new content.  The name part is interesting.  I was looking for a name that suggested more than photos so I cleverly coined the word photopia. Due diligence required that I research the name too make sure I wasn’t stepping on somebody’s intellectual property, at least anyone who might have the resources available to sue me.  My in-depth Google search found it used as the name of a 1999 video game as well as a real word defined in part as as “vision in bright light”.  That seemed generic and cool enough so I’m going with it.

The new site continues the daily blog as well as a Gallery section where I plan to post 10 to 12 images in each gallery related somehow in time, place, style or whatever.  The Home page is in slideshow format and will show current favorites.  It’s currently running about 30 images from early (naturally) 2013.  The Archive link will take you to my Zenfolio site where you can spend lots of time (kidding, of course) looking through the thousand or so images collected there over the last five years.

Please take a few minutes to look around.  Comments and criticism are always welcome.





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