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Ed Collyer Photography – Today's "Home" images are selected from 2013 – 2014 favorites. Click "Blog" on the Menu for the most recent posts.


I take pictures in and around Somerset County New Jersey including New York City.  Vacation travel is another good source of picture taking opportunities as well.  I started taking pictures at age 17 with my first 35mm film camera and have been following the technology curve ever since.  So over the course of time I have shot, developed, printed and published in a variety of formats up to 4×5 on paper, page, and screen.  The greatest part of all of this is that I’m  still learning something new everyday.  I decided to start this blog to advance my education one more step into the realm of social networking.  Who knows what’s next?



5 Responses to “About”

  1. sartenada

    I got my first camera in 1954. My father bought it when we had the Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland.

    Happy blogging.

  2. Liz West

    Greetings! My cousin steered me to your blog, and I must say I’ve enjoyed it. Like you, I’ve taken pictures my whole life and have also “followed the technology curve.” Nice to see your work.


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