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Winter White (R5)

Canon XT (350D) EF-S 55-250 @ 74mm, 1/500, f/11, ISO100

Retro #5 was shot near the Environmental Center of The Great Swamp Refuge in Basking Ridge NJ in March of 2009.  Updated processing improved shadow detail and color balance.

Light Lines (R4)

Canon 50D – EF-S 10-22 @ 18mm, 8sec, f/5.6, ISO100

Retro #4 was taken in July of 2011 as part of a project called Infrascape NJ.  It was not used in the project but it recently caught me eye and I decided to bring it up to date with current processing.  The “lines” are a lighted railing surrounding PierC on the Hoboken waterfront.



Wilmington Colors (R3)

Canon XT (350D) EF-S 18-55 @ 31mm, 1/125, f/9, ISO200


Retro #3 was shot in April, 2006 in Wilmington NC.  It was taken from sidewalk level and benefitted greatly in reprocessing by the “Upright” and lens correction features in the latest Lightroom software.  Color and overall sharpness were also addressed this time around.  I can’t help but think about the amount of work painters put in to create this riot of color.


Planet NYC (R2)

Lumix G3 – Lumix 14-45 @ 45mm, 1/250, f/8.0, ISO160 Reprocessed in LR/PS CC 2015

Retro #2 is an October 2013 late PM shot of Lower Manhattan from Hoboken’s Pier A.  Its been processed through current software including the Distort/Polar filter in PhotoShop 2015.  Look closely at the water’s edge at the top of the sphere and you may see a ferry on course to have a collision with itself.






An elegant rehearsal dinner followed by a classic ceremony, blow-out reception and sumptuous brunch capped off the “best wedding ever” for Adam and Megan.  Thanks to all family, friends and support staff who all made this possible with their love and hard work. I made a conscious decision not to carry a camera around this weekend but I couldn’t resist an iPhone photo or two (see below).  The “LOVE” letters project was a collaboration of Adam and myself with engineering and installation support from Ralph and Rick.  Thanks for all your help.







Jardin Nelson Mandela (R1)

I’ve decided to create a new category of posts called “Retrospective” labeled with R(n).  This all came about when I realized that I had nearly 29,000 images in my library but had posted only about 1500 of them since I started Photopia six years ago.  In addition, many things have changed over time including the technology in cameras, lenses and post processing software. Most importantly though are  the changes that have evolved in my personal preferences and choices (for the better I hope) that I could apply to images of the past to “bring them up to date” so to speak.  My intent is to randomly select things that appeal to me to reprocess in my current environment without any particular theme, subject or plan.  I hope that you will enjoy this time trip as much as I am looking forward to taking it.


Canon Rebel XT (350D) – EF-S 18-55 @ 18mm, 1/320, f/10, ISO200

Taken in Paris in May, 2005 and recently reprocessed in LR/PS CC 2015


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